Social & Economic Background - Be one of a Kind Globant

Socioeconomic Diversity in Technology: A Benefit for Sure

Training vulnerable young people is much more than merely furnishing them with tools to insert in the labor market. It means creating diverse teams within organizations and providing services and solutions using a much broader approach.

Gender & Sexuality - Be one of a Kind Globant

A Guide to Implement the Language of Diversity

That which is not named does not exist. This is a sufficient reason to change the way we communicate and to start giving visibility to those with a self-perception that differs from what is established by social standard as the sole possibility until now.

Social & Economic Background - Be one of a Kind Globant

When digitization opens future prospects

The world has many counterpoints. On the one hand, digital economy is expanding and is unable to satisfy the demand of technical profiles. On the other hand, millions of young people living in vulnerable situations are struggling to study and, eventually, work.