Social & Economic Background - Be one of a Kind Globant

Diversity is the human and economic engine of organizations

Diversity management is the ability to attract different perspectives, personalities and realities, male and female collaborators who will contribute to the competitive advantages of a company.

Culture & Ethnicity - Be one of a Kind Globant

The Challenge of Leading Multicultural Teams

Working remotely with team members located in different parts of the world is becoming increasingly commonplace. Frontiers blur and teams become more diverse. Skills required to manage staff working in different time zones and with different customs, cultures and idiosyncrasies.

Accessibility - Be one of a Kind Globant

The Value of +50 Workers in the Labor World

“Workforces that comprises people of different ages create a more productive and profitable economy and help increase the GDP per capita.”

Accessibility - Be one of a Kind Globant

How to Work on the Invisible Barriers that Prevent People with Disabilities from Having Access to and Remain in Jobs

Removing invisible barriers in the labor world means, mainly, to understand the paradigm shift. “To focus on the abilities of the persons, their potentialities, and be aware of their limits, not to exclude them but to compensate them with the relevant supports.” These words were taken from the Manual of Good Practices Regarding Disability of the Secretary of Management and Employment of the Argentine Republic.