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How to Do to Have More Black Women in the Technology World

They barely account for 3% in an industry that needs more diversity. Many of them have reached leadership positions and lead initiatives to promote inclusion of Black women —from girls to those who are already part of the workforce— and support their careers.

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Why it is important to talk about LGBTQ+ youth mental health

Unicef highlights “the virtual communication and the participation of teenagers in the production of messages addressed to their peers in the initiatives to prevent suicidal behaviors.”

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Remote work and pandemic: An opportunity for people with disabilities?

Opposing views still exist on how technology can benefit work inclusion for people with disabilities.

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How to balance maternity and work in technology

“Diversity, creativity and innovation go together.” These are words by Sigal Shaked, the co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Datomize, a Tel Aviv-based company that helps drive machine learning models regarding the role of women in technology.