The benefits of diversity in technology

Historically, minorities, such as the Afro-American, Black, Hispanic and Asian communities, have been victims of huge inequalities in several environments and contexts. The labor world is one of them.

The lack of representation of these groups in different types of jobs is a strong indicator of this situation. For instance, according to a survey by Pew Research Center, most people working in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) in the United States are white (69%), followed by Asians (13%), Afro-Americans (9%) and Hispanics (7%). Inequality is even higher for women: Afro-American women represent 3% of all jobs in the technology industry whereas Latin women represent only 1%.

However, the experience of several companies, as well as the large number of studies performed, show that including these historically marginalized groups is extremely beneficial for companies. Creating more diverse environments not only promotes equality and diversity (which is essential to achieve the structural change that our society needs), but also has a positive impact on companies. In these slides we explain you why.

Did you know that a more diverse workforce means more creativity, growth and success for a company?

More innovation 

Organizations and companies that promote and have more diversity in their teams increase their innovation skills. 

By having diverse teams, the company has different perspectives, points of view, abilities and experiences that will make the team have more diverse, creative and innovative ideas. 

Better corporate performance

Diverse teams contribute different points of view and, thus, are more efficient and solve problems more quickly. 

Furthermore, having more diversity in a company encourages and inspires people to feel free and comfortable when having to share their ideas and perspectives.

More attraction and retention of talent

More diversity at work also makes it easier to hire more staff and reduces employee turnover.

Responsible individuals or managers in the company who make workers feel included and who show them the value each of them contributes to the team may result in more people wanting to join the company and more employees wanting to remain in it.

Better customer service

The benefits of diversity not only have an impact on the company’s employees but also on the company’s customers.

Given that the customers of a company may come from different contexts, settings and cultures, having a diverse workforce may be useful to establish better relationships with them. Diverse teams may understand a broader number of customers and, thus, attract other users.

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