Your uniqueness is at the heart of every step we take

The world needs more people like you to create impactful change and serve as inspiration to future generations. Your unique story, skills, imperfections, passions, hopes, and everything that makes you human, make YOU one of a kind. At Globant we’re taking steps towards ensuring everyone, especially people who are often overlooked, feels welcome, seen and supported. In the meantime, you just need to be you and share it with the world! 

By PATRICIA POMIES, Chief Delivery & People Officer – GLOBANT

In a year marked by more than 130 million COVID-19 cases, we’ve endured tremendous loss. We grieved the loss of loved ones, we mourned the loss of financial stability, childcare, and the freedom to step outside our homes and into spaces where we find joy. We also became increasingly reliant on technology to fuel our everyday lives, especially when the world suddenly came to a standstill and we started craving for genuine connection.

As we look ahead to life after the pandemic, many people are wondering what will be different in our lives. The future is different and daring in ways we had never expected. We’ll need to integrate technology in our daily lives to help our essential need for connection and emotion. At Globant, this future is already here. Since day one, we’ve been developing technology and seeking reinvention by putting humanity first. Whether it is building ethical AI initiatives or committing to becoming a carbon neutral company, we understand that humanity and kindness must be at the heart of every step we take as a global technology company. 

However, we know all too well that the tech industry is not flawless. For example, in Latin America there are 25 million young people who neither work nor study, but the technology industry — even with full employment — is not able to include all of them. We’re supporting them through more than 3500 scholarships, and we’re also training war veterans and their spouses, helping them enter the tech industry as part of their social and work reintegration.

When it comes to women, the situation gets worse. Women make up 41% of the workforce in Latin America and the Caribbean but only 3 out of 10 people employed in mathematics and computer science fields are women. In the United States, women make up just 25% of computing jobs, with Black women in only 3% of jobs and Latin women in 1%. In India, about 43% of STEM graduates may be women, which is the highest in the world, but women’s share in STEM jobs is a mere 14%, while in Europe it’s 21.5%.

The gender gap in the tech sector is clearly a global issue that needs a global solution. That’s why Globant is taking steps towards becoming a permanent part of that solution. Over the past several years, we’ve launched initiatives like the “Empower Her” program in India to train young women from underprivileged backgrounds. Last year, we also held our first-ever Globant Awards: Women that Build Edition, and we inspired  more than 12,000 people by honoring women who have demonstrated excellence and leadership in the tech sector. But this is just the beginning. We’ve made serious commitments to reaching gender parity with 50% female and nonbinary representation in leadership positions as well as training 10,000 women and nonbinary individuals in tech, all by 2025. 

Multiculturalism is one of the most powerful components of our identity. Where different cultures converge, there will be a variety of ways to find creative solutions to tackle problems and make a difference in the world. We’re helping increase the proportion of underrepresented minorities in STEAM. We’ve joined the board at the National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering (NACME), the largest provider of college scholarships for African-American, American-Indian, and Latino young women and men in the US.

The world’s biggest minority is people with disabilities. They represent 15% of the world’s population. More than 80% of disabled people of working age in developing countries are unemployed. At Globant, we believe that including more people with disabilities in the labor market not only benefits individuals, but also generates more diverse, more open work teams with greater ability to deal with uncertainty. This is why we strongly promote their hiring. We’re also training young people with disabilities in IT to encourage their insertion in the tech industry. 

We need you to join us as we change the IT industry, driving equality, building safe environments where everyone can be part of. Profound change will happen if everyone commits to helping each other and makes room for everyone: those with different perspectives, backgrounds, stories and experiences. There is no innovation without diversity, and there is no improvement without plurality. 

Welcome to Be one of a kind. A place where unique perspectives come together for a greater purpose: to hack inequalities and make the world a better place. You’ll be part of a community of people of all ages, religions, ethnicities, cultures, abilities and identities, where you can get inspired, support initiatives from members all around the world, connect with individuals who are leading the change, learn from other’s journeys and promote diversity and inclusion. 

Join us as we commit to reaching equal access to opportunities so that everyone’s uniqueness  — especially yours! — stands out as being one of a Kind.

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