Why Be One of a kind Digital transformation to accelerate the energy transition

The climate emergency challenges us at all levels. As we seek to become responsible and conscientious consumers, we are looking forward to what the great powers decide, at a global level, at the Climate Change Summit(COP26) that will take place in the coming days in Glasgow.

Be One of a kind - Be one of a Kind Globant

Women that build The entrepreneur who invented an app to help people with depression and anxiety

Andrea Campos Guerra is the CEO of the start-up Yana and winner of Globant's Women that Build 2020 award in the “Rising Star” category.

Women that build - Be one of a Kind Globant

“A few months ago, Yana was the most downloaded application in the app store in Mexico and in 13 other Latin American countries and it was something very nice not only at the company level, but we also saw it as an achievement that a mental health app reached number one. I believe that technology can contribute much more to mental health care ”, Andrea Campos Guerra.

Accessibility How to work on an inclusive artificial intelligence

“There are questions that need to be asked that can be uncomfortable: is this type of technology in favor of companies, of people? Does it have an impact on the possibilities that people have to develop?”. Vladimir Garay, director of NGO Incidencia de Derechos Digitales (Digital Rights Incidence).

Accessibility - Be one of a Kind Globant

Culture & Ethnicity Diversity also includes the coexistence between different faiths in the workplace

“Many companies have religious groups. Every day a company calls me to help them with these ideas, it’s a movement that’s accelerating ”.

Culture & Ethnicity - Be one of a Kind Globant

More than 80% of persons with disabilities of working age in developing countries are unemployed. In industrialized countries the figure reaches up to 70%.


15% of the world’s population live with disabilities. They are the world’s largest minority.


Social & Economic Background Diversity is the human and economic engine of organizations

Diversity management is the ability to attract different perspectives, personalities and realities, male and female collaborators who will contribute to the competitive advantages of a company.

Social & Economic Background - Be one of a Kind Globant

Women that build Opportunities to add women to the IT entrepreneurial world

The current crisis is also a huge opportunity for female employment transformation: we are at the best time to renew the skills that accompany the technological acceleration in an inclusive and diverse way.

Women that build - Be one of a Kind Globant

Inclusion is no longer seen as an exclusively demanding issue: it has to do with the heart and functionality of the business and with the profitability of companies. With a greater participation of women in the IT industry, almost US $ 11 trillion can be generated in world GDP.

Source: World Information Technology and Services Alliance

Social & Economic Background How to attract young members of Gen Z to companies and how to make them want to stay

“There are many companies that are redefining their mission. Many pre-existing contracts with collaborators are weakening, because all industries are changing ”. Mariela Mociulsky, CEO of Trendsity

Social & Economic Background - Be one of a Kind Globant

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